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Being a photographer has become my true passion and of course obsession. I am one of those who needs to have absolutely everything secured so that, when the great moment comes, nothing fails. My experience behind the lense has taught me to look for the subtlety of expression and above all the truth of emotion, putting myself to the test in unrepeatable scenarios where elegance, timing and perfection prevailed.

La naturalidad es mi marca

I consider myself unquestionably a photographer of emotions. A photographer who seeks the naturalness of the gaze, leaving the poses as far as possible. I like movement, freshness and spontaneity. Many times, they ask me if I prefer the work I do in studio or my work at weddings and I am unable to decide. I need both environments; both scenarios fill me a lot. In short, this is my vocation and what amuses me the most in the world.

Mis inicios

I started in a small studio shooting portraits until I dared to start with wedding photography, which is something that I had always been passionate about. Nowadays, I conjoin both. I work in the studio with all those actors, actresses and of course people outside the world of the cinema who want to be portrayed naturally and intimately and at weddings, wherever they take me, capturing absolutely magical moments and above all unrepeatable.

Mi ciudad condal


Those who have passed through my studio in Barcelona or have experienced with me their wedding, know that I put all my energy and love in each of the projects that my clients present to me. Not only because all my work becomes my curriculum, but because the photography is the language I communicate with.


Barcelona is the city that has seen me growing artistically, since I began my career in dramatic art until the creation of my last photo studio. It is the city that has given me the tools to build my dream and the effort to reinvent myself every day and adapt to the wishes of my clients. My years as a drama art student were those, which taught me the need for the actor to be photographed from the soul and with sincerity.

“Ver no es suficiente, tienes que sentir lo que estás fotografiando”. André Kertesz
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